Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Frankie lol

This is a drawing, which was originally going to be used for something. No idea what though. I took a load of photographs a few weeks back and decided to do something with them. As a result I produce this. The photo was of my friend, fellow band mate and living legend Mr Frankie Yates. I drew it from my computer screen originally and then scanned the drawing in and combined it with some cheeky tracing in photoshop.

Here is pretty much the final piece for the music poster designs I posted earlier. I decided to draw out the lungs instead of using the lino print texture I employed previously. I think this works a lot better, as the black on the other images was slightly over powering. I also decided use some line drawings of a heart combined with a print texture and repeated down the side of the image. I think this works well in contrast to the background and the lungs.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Here are another piece two pieces based on the irrational fears theme. I'm feeling I can take how scary the images look to another level. At the moment I don't think they particularly capture how menacing certain fears can look and feel to the individual. Watch this space though. However, with that said, I do like some of the compositional elements in these pieces. For example, the textures and some of the drawing techniques. Especially the scribble effect on the crow.