Friday, 15 January 2010


Right, here goes. I've been producing work recently in order to build on my current portfolio. I think one of the main things you realise once you have finished uni is keeping your motivation and interest in illustration alive. I've being trying to do this by immersing myself in all types of illustration, music, art work, books , films etc. Some of which I will probably share soon. I have also being trying to fuel my inspiration by writing briefs that will not only inspire me to produce interesting pieces of artwork, but also have of some kind of personal meaning. Therefor the the work shouldn't seem as forced, as it stems from my interests and love of illustration. Anyway that's enough rambling for now. These two images below are part of an on going project about how how the older generation perceive the youth of today. The general theme being that many of the older generation consider the youth of today intimidating, rude and obnoxious. Which usually isn't the case. This idea has been exaggerated by placing the intimidating character in a variety of situations were he's doing good in the community.